Privacy Policy

Mail Merge Contacts' use of information received from Google APIs will adhere to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Our customers' privacy is taken seriously. The data processed by the add-on is NOT stored or transmitted to anyone for analysis. Not even by Quicklution. Your data stays with Google.

To operate, the add-on requires the following permissions:

  1. View and manage your Google Contacts. This permission is required to get all a list of your contact groups and their users. A merge (to document/email) is then create for every user in the selected contact group. Therefore the add-on needs permissions to read data such as Firstname, Lastname, address, phone, etc. These fields are entered as merged fields into you Google Document template.

  2. View and manage your documents in Google Drive. A Google Document template will be used to write the content of the email/letter. Through the Google Doc add-on users will be able to insert merge fields from a Google Contact into the document template. This permission is also required to be able to create a new Google Documents during the mail merge process. A document page for each user will be created.

  3. Send emails on your behalf. One of the main features of the add-on is to send bulk emails through your Gmail account. An email for every user in your selected contact group will be sent. Each email will be customized based each user contact data. The add-on does not have permissions to view or delete any emails from your account.

  4. Manage your basic mail settings . The permission is required to be get a list of email accounts (aliases) you have configured in Gmail under 'Send mail as' . This will allow the add-on to send emails for your preferred email account.

  5. View the files in your Google Drive . This permission is required to export your document template in a format which can be read by email clients.

  6. View your Google Calendar. This permission is only required to get to know your timezone. The timezone is required to timestamp the name of the Google Documents created during the merge process.

Privacy Policy